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The Human Transformation Program that has changed thousands of lives, is now available online!

This result-based method will help you break mental barriers to achieve physical and emotional results in only 54 days.

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You will transform your body in a healthy way, while feeling mentally positive and motivated throughout the program.

You will gain discipline that will help you in all aspects of your life.

You will create healthy habits that can become part of your lifestyle.

You will be part of a worldwide community with a common purpose; to become the best version of themselves.

Our program is based in 4 pillars:





• Nine weeks of high intensity training sessions, nutrition program and recovery.

• Stream trainings on your mobile, tablet or smart TV

With exclusive access to the 54D ON online platform you will find supporting material including

Exercise technique tutorials.

Recovery and stretching guides.

Comprehensive step by step Nutrition plan including shopping lists, calendars and information.

The 54D ON app will deliver your daily training sessions and tasks

Live guidance and follow-up
with our team of experts.

Accountability and motivation by joining an online 54D ON Generation during the whole program.

Link your 54D ON app to:

Anyone who wants to become the best version of themselves

Anyone who has tried every diet, gym and online program and never saw results

Anyone who wants to be healthier

Anyone from 18 - 70 years old

Anyone who wants to lose baby weight

Anyone who wants to crush bad habits

Anyone who wants to get back in shape

Anyone who feels stuck in the daily routine

Anyone who is already active and wants to improve their performance

Anyone looking for a challenge

Anyone looking to be part of a larger community of like-minded people

Anyone who is willing to commit to achieve the goals they want to reach

Rodrigo Garduño

Rodrigo Garduño, founder and creator of 54D, was born in Mexico City, México in 1978. At the early age of 12, he was recruited for development as a professional soccer player. His journey as a professional soccer player, gave Rodrigo a wide range of theory and practical knowledge of physical training and peak performance.

Along with his natural public speaking, motivational and life coaching skills makes people enjoy his transformational power through fitness. Named by Apple ‘one of the most important worldwide fitness brands’ and by NBC as the King of Fitness in the United States, he continues to create real change in the lives of anyone that experiences his innovative approach to health.

Rodrigo de Ovando

Rodrigo de Ovando, 54D Head Coach, was born in México City in 1981. He started playing professional soccer at the age of 15. During his career, he learnt mental and physical strategie to improve performance and consistency in sports. He brings these concepts to his current professional career as a runner where he continues to challenge himself and break personal records. His warmth but disciplined coaching style helps 54D’s members achieve goals with a strong mind and body preparation.


54D is a human transformation program that aligns behaviour patterns to achieve  physical, mental and emotional changes in only 54 Days. 

A result-based 9-week training program that combines high-intensity group training, custom nutrition and recovery therapy. With more than 20,000 graduates in our 3 locations; USA, México and Colombia. 54D continues to expand and bring this program to every corner of the world.

Kelly Vedrani

I never wasn't worried about something.
I needed something for me,something to focus on me and how I could be better for my family.
54D it's a transformative experience, and a community experience that you have with a group, a journey together where every week everybody is getting stronger, everybody is getting faster thinner and feeling good!

Bibi Miranda

I was looking for a program that was all encompassing. Everything in one place. There is no complaining at 54D because when you think you can't do it anymore something in your body takes over and you do more. It is a mental journey! I would describe my transformation at 54D as INCREDIBLE!

Dr Allan Steward

I worked 16-18 hours a day and I was not prioritizing my own health.54D has been a total transformation for me. Just in 9 weeks I went from 17% of body fat to 10.4%. But most importantly is the mental change is what has had the most impact in me. The optimism and the sense of accomplishment has stayed with me even after the program.

Camila Martínez

Yo competía en triatlones antes de 54D pero 54D me dió un boost extra y cada vez que había un triatlón lo hacía y cada vez mejoraba hasta que empecé a ganar, a ganar y a ganar. Cuando yo hago la clase doy lo máximo y es que 54D no te da otra opción- o lo haces o lo haces o tienes la actitud o no la tienes si no te sales!

Guillermo Rochin

Estaba a punto de cumplir 45 años no hacía nada de ejercicio y necesitaba hacer un cambio.Algo del programa que es único es que independientemente de tu nivel físico todos podemos hacer la misma clase.Desde el día 1 te lleva hasta el límite y eso te ayuda a poco a poco que tu cuerpo da más hasta que tu mente es la que te lleva. Lo sufrí pero la recompensa es infinitamente mayor!

Jonatan Hernández

Antes de 54D ya era atleta profesional, llevo 20 años jugando Jai Alai.Aunque gane 10 libras de masa muscular en 54 días la principal parte de cambio en mi vida a raíz de 54D ha sido el tema mental. Para un atleta profesional tu tienes que entrar con la mente de "voy a ganar" y no tener flaqueza y es algo que he aprendido mucho en este programa.Para mi vestir la chamarra de 54D es un orgullo!

Do I need to have prior experience working out? +

You do not need any prior experience training or working out! 54D ON is designed for all fitness and experience levels. The only thing you need to bring is your full commitment and discipline!

Is this only for athletes? +

Not at all, if you are looking to start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle, 54D ON will provide all the necessary information including video tutorials and downloadable material in order for you to achieve your goals!

Will this program help me lose weight/fat? +

The specific mix of high intensity training and nutritional guidance that has been developed for 54D ON will allow you to shed the extra fat that you need to lose to become healthy and fit! Just remember that results will only come if you commit fully to following the program, there are no shortcuts!

If I’m an athlete, what should I expect from the program? +

Our program is created by former professional athletes, led by our Founder Rodrigo Garduño, who understand that you can always reach a new goal or break your personal records! Athletes will be able to train themselves as hard as they can during our training sessions to push their envelope and work on their conditioning in a program that has roots on Rodrigo’s professional history. If you are already an athlete, this program will definitely be the best supplement to your usual training routine.

How do I know if my physical condition is appropriate for this program? +

It is up to your own criteria to decide if you are ready for a high intensity workout based program such as this one. If unsure, we would recommend you talk to your physician regarding how appropriate would a high intensity program be for your current state of health before enrolling.


This result-based method will help you break mental barriers to achieve physical and emotional results in only 54 days.

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